The sentencing combined with Manafort’s failure to expres

  express remorse sparked immediate speculation about the possibility that Trump could pardon his former campaign chair.

  ”The statement by Paul Manafort’s lawyer after an already lenient sentence — repeating the Pres

ident’s mantra of no collusion — was no accident. It was a deliberate appeal for a pardon. One inju

stice must not follow another,” Adam Schiff, D-California, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted.

  Manafort’s chances of a pardon may indeed have risen since to spare him a 47-month

sentence may be seen as less politically risky for the President than springing him from a 25-year jail term.

  But CNN legal commentator Carrie Cordero suggested that the judge’s decision

to show leniency also could serve to undermine arguments that Manafort deserved further mercy.

  ”(It is) very hard for the President to now suggest that Paul Manafort has been treated unfa

irly. He has in fact, by Judge Ellis, been given a bit of grace,” Cordero told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360.”

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